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Our beef is raised on organic pasture and we do supplement with non-GMO corn and grain. We do not use any growth hormones, medications or feed additives. Our beef is processed at state-approved inspected facilities and the beef is labeled for resale. We have whole chickens that are all-natural meaning that they were raised without medicated or GMO feed.  They were processed and inspected at a state-approved facility and are approved for resale. These birds are high-quality birds full of flavor that average over 5 lbs. with some as big as 7 lbs. We have Wild Caught Alaska Salmon. The fish was sustainably caught on the Kenia Peninsula.  We worked as deckhands and took our share back with us to market. The fish were packaged at a state-approved plant and are in portion-sized vacuumed packs. They are mostly sockeye but we have a few silver and pink. 

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